• 53% of online shoppers will go directly to a competitor's site if they can't find what they want in 60 seconds.



    The good news is, you don’t have to fix a huge usability flaw in your design, and your products aren’t too shabby either!

  • Step 1

    We track and measure customer intent across a network of devices and domains to find out what they are are most interested in.

  • Step 2

    Our bots sort through millions of events per seconds and uses visual search to give every customer a personalised experience in real-time

  • Step 3

    The See fashion trend cloud then makes recommendations based on your customers recent browsing, search and purchase history from a network of ecommerce sites.

  • Step 4

    See Fashion Business Intelligence learns from all the above and uses predictive relational modeling to forecasting what your customers will want next.


    The model adapts to changing browsing /buying patterns across the web. With See Fashion BI you can be sure your customers will find just what they were looking for.  

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