• 75% of consumers expect a personalised experience when they enter your online store.


    We give you the best data to deliver real-time personalization for every customer, every time!

  • Shine Light On Window Shoppers

    We use data to turn numbers and patterns into people you can sell to

  • 1. Track

    We track and measure customer intent across a network of fashion websites to find out what your customer audiences are most interested in.

  • 2. Sort

    Our bots sort through millions of events per second to develop shopping profiles of every browser across our network: including their size, purchase and search history.

  • 3. Recommend

    The See Fashion AI Trend Cloud then identifies the shopping profiles about to enter your website, so that you can deliver personalised experiences that convert in real-time!

  • 4. Predict

    Our business intelligence platform makes sense of all the raw data we collect about browser behaviour across the web and your product inventory, to forecast what your customers will want next!


    With our algorithms, you can better manage your inventory and identify new trends for your customer audiences.

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