• Turn Shoppers into Customers

    Personalised search and discovery tools for fashion ecommerce

  • Know and Leverage Customers' Real-Time Purchase Intent

    SeeFashion helps retailers identify and personalise to shoppers across any platform, even if they are visiting your website for the first time.


    We leverage customer behavioural data from our retail network - such as their purchase and browsing behaviour - and cutting-edge computer vision technology to help you deliver tailored shopping experiences that convert.

  • Personalise to anyone, anywhere in less than a second.


    Our network-enriched customer insights allow you to react to a shopper's interests, size and budget within 400ms!




  • Maximise engagement with AI-powered discovery experiences

    We use machine vision and AI to deliver personalised product discovery experiences in real-time. We help your customers discover items that they naturally have a visual bias towards but might never have searched for. The results are happy customers with bigger baskets and less browser abandonment.

    Cross-Site Intelligent Recommendations

    Our AI-powered tools recommend products that your customers want based on their tracked cross-site interests

    Visual Search

    Help your customers find exactly what they are looking for in milliseconds via a photo or image upload.

    Browser Abandonment

    Reduce browser abandonment with our 'out of stock' visually similar recommendations.

  • Tale of a late night shopper

    Learn how SeeFashion can turn a last-minute shopping disaster into a returning customer through our search and discovery tools.

  • We are at EP Summit

    Join us at the 6th annual fashion and tech summit on 20-21 November in Milan, Italy. Book a 1-to-1 demo meeting during the Brands and Start-Up Catch Up or get all the latest insights from the main stage by signing up below!

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