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Digital Merchandising 101 - Part 2

The Product

In our previous blog we focused on the first aspect of digital merchandising – the website. This time we focus on the product. You might have developed a strong marketing campaign, designed and interactive website and grown your traffic but all this is in vain if shoppers are not convinced by the item(s) they are viewing.  Unlike a brick and mortar store, you can’t engage all five senses; so you’ve got to maximise your ability to show great products fast and how they would fit their individual interests and size. Here are our tips on creating product pages that convert. 

1. Use High Quality Photos

When a shopper clicks on a product page, you already know they are interested. However you have a small window to convince them that they are making the right choice. Since shoppers won’t be able to touch and feel your product, you will need to over-compensate with engaging visuals. High quality photos, 360-degree views and product videos will help. Pictures from different angles and a zoom function sets the customers expectations right and helps them envision more than words ever could. Wherever you can, invest in professional photography using both lifestyle shots and white-background product photographs. Nowadays augmented reality (AR) makes it even easier for the customers to shop online, with different apps that let them try outfits in selfie mode like Pictofit or Metail.

2. Have detailed product descriptions and post reviews

Sometimes it’s impossible to capture all the characteristics of a product in a photo or a video, so a detailed product descriptions will help fill the gaps. Besides from stating the colour and sizes available, specify any differentiating features such as embroidered details and fabrics used - Duke & Dexter is a great example. Even detailing the care instructions for your products can encourage a purchase.

Using product reviews or images of other customers wearing your products will also build trust in the absence of feeling and touching the item themselves.

3. Cross sell and upsell

Increase your average order values with clever cross sell and upsell techniques.

Upselling focuses on recommending higher priced options to the items your customers are browsing. The recommendations should be similar to the product previously selected by the customer but of a higher quality. However, it shouldn't be considerably too expensive than the customer's first choice. For example if someone has picked a cotton dress, suggest a dress that uses a higher percentage of cotton or with a more detailed fitting.

Cross-selling allows you to sell additional items that would complement your customer’s initial choice. This is great for fashion and apparel stores because it encourages your customers to shop an entire look. Why only sell a pair of jeans when they can get the t shirt and jacket to match? You can do this on the product page as well as the check out page. 

4. Recommend similar products if an item is out of stock

54% of shoppers will leave a website if they are unable to find their first-choice product in their size or colour. However you can leverage an out-of-stock experience to push visually similar products (especially if they are cheaper). See Fashion’s out of stock visual search does just this, allowing you to transform a potential abandoned carts into higher orders.

5. Make it easy to check-out

On average, 69% of carts are abandoned on apparel websites with as much as 28% of these cart abandonments due to customers finding checkout process 'too long'.

Make sure you don't put your customers through unnecessary hurdles to finalise their purchase. Allow customers to continue as a guest or a registered customer and provide a variety of payment options including one-click payments.

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