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  • In our previous blog we focused on the first aspect of digital merchandising – the website. This time we focus on the product. You might have developed a strong marketing campaign, designed and interactive website and grown your traffic but all this is in vain if shoppers are not convinced by the...
    April 10, 2018 · Website,Conversions,Personalisation,Digital,Merchandising
    The ideal shopping experience in a brick and mortar store engages all 5 senses: starting from the moment the customer walks into to the moment they leave. Retail and brand owners will use elaborate window displays, scents, music to capture sales...but how does this work online? How can you...
    March 26, 2018 · Retail,AI,AR,VR,Big Data
    Ep 1: How retailers can get ready for the new age of commerce with Big Data and AI Welcome to the first See Fashion Think Tank Podcast. In this series, we invite prominent thought leaders in retail and emerging technology to discuss their thoughts on the future of fashion commerce. For our...
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