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    We are building the world's first data collective for the fashion industry. We pool data across a network of sites so that every retailer can deliver personalised experiences as powerful as Amazon.

  • Personalization for Anonymous Shoppers.

    Reduce customer search times

    We track customer intent across the web so that you can show every browser the most relevant content.

    Reduce cart abandonment

    Using machine vision, we can give your customers product recommendations when their selected items are out of stock

    Stock products that convert.

    Get insights into the products and sizes you should be selling with our personalised inventory forecasting model.

  • Calling all Shopify users!

    The network is now open to Shopify users! Apply to be part of our beta trail and see how our data can increase your conversions by at least 30%.

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  • Tale of a late night shopper

    Learn how See Fashion can turn a last-minute shopping disaster into a returning customer through our data and personalisation apps.

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